Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Upcoming Giveaway: Mommy needs a getaway (Bloggers Wanted)

Sometimes when I come across a giveaway opportunity, I can't decide whether to enter myself or offer it for my wonderful readers... For this one, I can do both - and there's a winner everyday, all month long, so we can all win. :) 

Alice at Adventure Into Domesticland brings you:

Giveaway Dates: 9/1 - 9/30

Giveaway: The Popcorn Factory Back to School Giveaway (ends 9.8)

My grandmother was a huge fan of gourmet popcorn. Every year when school was getting ready to start, she would order a big tin - you know, the traditional bucket with butter, cheese and caramel popcorn - to celebrate "getting back to learning". Honestly, I think it was just an excuse to enjoy some popcorn. You see, her secret favorite was buttered popcorn. Whenever she bought this huge tin with the three types, of course none of us kids would touch the buttered popcorn. So she always ^grudgingly^ agreed to polish off the buttered popcorn that none of the rest of the family wanted....

She always was a pretty smart lady....

The Popcorn Factory Back to School Giveaway

Hosted By:
3 - Winners

Holiday Contest and Sweeps is pleased to work with The Popcorn Factory to bring you "The Popcorn Factory Back to School Giveaway". With School just around the corner we all know how much a care package to our Children that are away at College means to them. And a care package filled with snacks from The Popcorn Factory will defiantly put a smile on their face. Three lucky winners will each receive a 2-Gallon University of Snacks Assortment.

Giveaway: Back-to-School Giveaway Palooza (ends 9.2)

I still can't believe the kids are already back to school. My facebook feed has been flooded with all the back-to-school pics and the school buses are snarling traffic....

But I've teamed up with some bloggy friends to make the back-to-school grind not quite so grindy! :)

So...... Without further ado.....

Welcome to the

Back-to-School Giveaway Palooza 

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lessons in Transracial Parenting: Ferguson, MO

I don't watch TV news much at all. I have a few go-to online new sources and Duck Daddy and I have pretty frequent discussions about national and international news. I'm actually more likely to be knowledgeable about something happening on the other side of the world, than I am about things happening on the other side of the county. Like many people, I've been paying less attention to the events in Ferguson, Missouri than I probably should be.

One of the uncomfortable things about transracial parenting is that I'm frequently confronted with myself. I no longer have the luxury of looking at the events in Ferguson through the lens of a middle-class white woman with no connection to St. Louis. My lens now has to be that of the mother, whose son will one day be a young black man, who will someday have an interaction with a cop with racial bias.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Do NOT do business with RUN OR DYE!

This is a public service announcement.

As you know, our family enjoys participating in the "fun" 5K races - Duck Daddy and I load the Littles up in their strollers and we all thoroughly love the activity. We've had wonderful experiences with The Color Run, but they don't have upcoming events near us, so I decided to branch out a bit.

Several months ago, Duck Daddy and I registered for a Run or Dye event about 35 minutes from us. The event was to be held mid-September.

Today Duck Daddy and I received emails notifying us that not only was our event cancelled, Run or Dye will NOT be issuing refunds, but we are welcome to transfer our entries to another race - one that is 2 hours away and a few days before the tax extension deadline in October (meaning I'll be working - one reason why I didn't register for that race to begin with), one that is 7 hours away NEXT WEEKEND, or one that is 5 hours away next month.

To compensate us for the inconvenience, they will give us 2 entries for each entry we purchased - so we can either bring a friend 2, 5 or 7 hours away, or we can go to 2 events - again, either 2, 5, or 7 hours away!!

After we registered, I read several accounts online that this company was notorious for this scam. Since we had already registered, we hoped for the best. It's not even really about losing the money - I hate that we have contributed to keeping this fraudulent company in business.

Please don't make the same mistake.

If you are looking to run a colorful 5k, please check into the Color Run. I've recently joined their affiliate program, but I haven't set anything up yet, so I don't get anything out of you participating in the Color Run - other than knowing I directed you to a quality, ethical event that will be tons of fun!

It has recently come to my attention that not all of my readers can easily tell when I'm being sarcastic. That is truly unfortunate, so finding a solution was imperative. ^Obviously, the easiest answer is to assume that if something can be read with sarcasm, it should be;^; but that's not really workable, I guess. After reviewing several options for a "sarcasm font", I've come up up with my own system. Whenever you see italics inside carrots (^snark^), that is my "sarcasm font".

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